Bitcoin Managed Account Program (MAP) is an exchange listed bitcoin options strategy designed to generate yield.

The Bitcoin Managed Account Program (MAP) produces enhanced yield within a separately managed account structure utilizing an options overlay covered by a futures position. This program offers crypto market exposure in a risk-mitigated fashion featuring short term (1 to 6-month) option overlay strategies.


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  • Investment Structure
  • Separate Managed Account
  • Investor Type
  • Individual and Institutional Investors
  • Low Fee Structure
  • Performance Only
  • Targeted Return
  • 4% to 20%+
  • Minimum Investments
  • Equivalent notional value of 1 CME bitcoin future or 5 Bakkt bitcoin futures
  • Tenor
  • 1 to 6 Months
  • Margin Calls?
  • No variation margin call
  • Minimum costs
  • No cost to investor other than performance fee
  • Overlay Strategy & Return Bands
    • Call Overwrite: High Yield: 20%+
    • Call Overwrite: Balanced Yield: 12% to 19.99%
    • Call Overwrite: Conservative Yield: 4% to 11.99%
    • Collar: Balanced Yield: 12%+
    • Collar: Conservative Yield: 4% to 11.99%

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