DBL Digital is pleased to offer Digital Gold + Bitcoin Series Fund Strategy to Eligible Contract Participant (ECP) investors to produce yield in a portfolio through a ratio of Digital Gold and Bitcoin. Investors can enjoy both gold and bitcoin ownership without having to take physical custody.



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  • Investment Structure
  • Fund of One
  • Investor Qualifications
  • Accredited Investors and Eligible Contract Participants (ECPs) Only
  • Low Fee Structure
  • Performance Only
  • Pre-Paid Returns
  • 2% to 10%+ Pre-paid Returns
  • Tenor
  • 1-6 months
  • Overlay Strategy & Return Bands
    • Call Overwrite: Aggressive Return: 10%+
    • Call Overwrite: Balanced Return: 6% to 9.99%
    • Call Overwrite: Conservative Return: 2% to 5.99%
    • Collar: Balanced Return: 6%+
    • Collar: Conservative Return: 2% to 5.99%

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